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ProtoPie 5.1: Voice Prototyping & More

Give your interactions a voice with ProtoPie 5.1 and its voice prototyping capabilities. Watch our workshop to learn how & more about 5.1!

Leah Han
Leah Han, Head of China BusinessOctober 6, 2020
ProtoPie 5.1: Voice Prototyping & More Workshop Thumbnail

ProtoPie recently released its latest version—5.1. With it comes the following features:

  • Voice prototyping: enables you to create realistic voice interactions based on either reading the text you input or by responding to incoming speech
  • Multi-line text input: allows you to type multi-line contents into a singular input layer
  • Resize text layers automatically: this feature auto sizes to fit the content in the text layer

Additional minor but awesome updated functions

  • Multi-select components & scenes
  • Duplicate layers using Option/Alt + drag
  • Density adjustment when pasting SVG layers

For this workshop, Leah, our ProtoPie teacher introduces and teaches how to use all of the above-mentioned features.

Who should join

  • All designers regardless of their level of ProtoPie usage
  • Anyone interested in voice interactions (Automotive, IoT, etc)


  • Intro
  • Learn about voice features
  • Introduction of other new 5.1 features
  • Q&A