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ProtoPie Advanced Workshops : Conditional Interactions using Formula

Learn how to make conditional interactions and how to use variables and formulas with ProtoPie.

Jeff Clarke
Jeff Clarke, UX Designer & ProtoPie EducatorJuly 14, 2021
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What we will cover

Advanced 1/2

Logic plays a key role in creating more advanced high-fidelity prototypes!

In this workshop, you can learn how to create the following interactions using conditional logic:

  • Password reset (prototype a password reset with "Conditions")
  • Image slideshow (use "Chain" to navigate the slideshow though dots indicators)
  • Scroll-based video player (use "Range" to play videos on scroll)

Advanced 2/2

Variables and formulas have always been ProtoPie's most powerful features, but also the most difficult ones to master. This is especially true if you need to combine them with Components to create very advanced interactions.

In this workshop, we first introduce each of them separately. Then we combine them to create the following interactions:

  • Camera focus (create a camera focus prototype using "Formulas")
  • Rename (store a text value and send it to another scene using "Variables")
  • IoT home (combine “Components”, "Formulas", "Variables" and "Send/Receive" to create a cross-platform prototype)


Advanced 1/2

Advanced 2/2