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Get Started with Interaction Libraries

Learn how to use interaction libraries to empower your teams to make their own interaction design systems.

Leah Han
Leah Han, Head of China BusinessJuly 15, 2020
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Is your design system a static one? Build on top of this and make your own interaction design system with ProtoPie's interaction libraries.

Interaction Library
Interaction Library

Digital products have become more dynamic and complex than ever, eliminating the boundaries of software and hardware.

For designers, keeping interactions consistent is a big challenge.

That's why the design teams of Google and Apple put in a lot of effort to include interaction guides into their design systems.

To empower teams to make their own interaction design systems, high-fidelity prototyping tool ProtoPie added interaction libraries as part of its last update (ProtoPie 5.0).

With this, designers no longer have to remake interactions all the time or find components stored across different files.

In this workshop, ProtoPie teacher Leah teaches you how to build interaction libraries with ProtoPie.

Who should watch

  • The team that will be building interaction libraries.
  • A person who is interested in the design system.
  • Anyone can join regardless of their usage of ProtoPie!

Watch until the end to hear some of the burning questions users had during the Q&A session.


  • Intro
  • Learn how to build interaction libraries with ProtoPie
  • Learn how to make prototypes using interaction libraries
  • Q&A