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What you will learn

  • What are Variables?

  • Understand the relationship between Variables, Detect & Assign.

  • Learn how to save a value and reuse it on other scenes.


Do you wanna be a ProtoPie expert? If so, you need to learn about variables.

Variables, which store values, are used in many calculation interactions. Think of variables as a basket. Deposit one type of value into each variable, whether it's text, numbers, or color codes. You can then use these values again and again within your interactions.

In ProtoPie, you often use variables with the detect and assign features. Let's think of them as eyes, deliverymen, and baskets. Here is an example to help us understand their roles in more detail. Imagine you type your name on this page. The system will save whatever you type and show your name later on your profile page.

In this case, you need the help of these three items. The first item is the trigger, detect. It acts like eyes, monitoring the text that has been typed into the input box. If detect finds any changes, then the second item, 'assign' response, will begin to work. Assign acts like a deliveryman, passing the text you typed over to the variable and the third item is the variable itself — this will keep the text for when you need it later.