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[May-Aug] Intermediate Workshops: Microinteractions and Native Sensors

Learn how to make micro-interactions and use native sensors with ProtoPie.

Luke Han
Luke Han, Product ManagerMay 14, 2021
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What we will cover

Intermediate 1/2

ProtoPie not only allows for click-through but also lets you fine-tune details to make micro-interactions.

At this workshop, we will learn as below together:

  • How to use the "Jump" trigger to make page transition
  • Understand the concept of container layer
  • Make paging and scroll interactions using container layer
  • Distinguish the difference between "Fling", "Pull" and "Drag" by making "Slide a menu bar" interaction.

Intermediate 2/2

ProtoPie is different from other tools in that it can easily utilize sensors to make a prototype, all without any coding knowledge. In this workshop, we will learn how to make sensor interactions through ProtoPie.

At this workshop, we will learn as below together:

  • Camera (access and use your device native camera)
  • Input layers (create a typing interaction using native keyboards)
  • Voice (prototype a voice assistant with "Speech-to-text" and "Text-to-speech")

What to do in advance

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