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[Asia/Europe] Mar 30th 10 AM UTC | ProtoPie Advanced Workshop 2

This workshop empowers ProtoPie users to use variable and formula, the most powerful functions in ProtoPie.

Leah Han
Leah Han, ProtoPie TeacherMarch 29, 2021
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About this Event


Variable and formula in ProtoPie have always been the most powerful but also the most difficult functions to use for users. Actually, it is not difficult to understand the two functions separately, but if you want to apply Component, Formula and Variable together, it does require some practice.

In this workshop, we will first get everyone to understand these three functions separately, and then combine these three together for a few exercises:

  • Message app
  • Check box
  • IoT home


Looking for the prototypes used in this workshop?

Download the pie files here: