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[Europe] Nov 4th 10 AM CET | ProtoPie Beginner Workshop

New to ProtoPie? Watch the beginner workshop for Europe to learn how to use ProtoPie from the beginning.

Leah Han
Leah Han, ProtoPie TeacherNovember 3, 2020
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This beginner's workshop teaches UI/UX designers who are new to ProtoPie on how to use ProtoPie from the very beginning. After watching this workshop, users should be able to make their own interactions!

ProtoPie's official teacher Leah specifically covers the following topics:

  • Understanding ProtoPie Conceptual model
  • Quickly going through the making of some interactions
  • Learning how to make "repeat/loop interactions"
  • Understanding all basic interactions

Looking for the prototype used in this workshop?

Download the pie file here: